The flawless symphony between stone, glass and lacquer art brings intense emotion. Each living corner is likely to harmonize together to form the gentle and elegant beauty of Camellia.
Having hi-end industrial style, MONTEIRO loose package targets customers with a more complex aesthetic taste and often focus on design details and sophisticated but original material. The bronze material, plus marble, fine art veneer are used more often to deliver the vibe of maturity and calm.
With LIZZO loose package,  peace can be recognized from familiar colors such as brown wood, green, metallic bronze and materials such as walnut, copper, rough texture with elegant dark tones... Together with significant mix of materials and design styles, LIZZO has created a mysterious characteristic representing Indochina with hidden charms.
CETOZZA loose package aims at consumers who are into minimalism. Having white woods as a main material, combined with neutral colors, CETOZZA gives a sense of a fresh start, while maintaining the origins in soul.


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